TIFF 2011: The Essentials Lounge

The Essentials Lounge was a one-day lounge put on by Esther Garnick to offer all the key elements to TIFF survival.

This lounge had it all. From Calvin Klein Underwear to a 10-day supply of VitaminWater and Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt (which is probiotic, so the underwear will still fit), and Elizaeth Grantfor men to help ensure that people stay, feel and look their best through the tumultuous ten days of TIFF.

Elizabeth Grant Skincare provided key products for both men and women, including their Biocollasis and Socializer lines.

John Frieda Creative Consultant Alain Larivee was on hand to give some extra bounce and volume to the hair of of lounge guests. In this case, Carole Park was getting ready with her ‘ready to meet Ryan [Gosling] hair.’

Hard Candy was on hand to provide the perfect mix of cosmetics to last the long days of films, parties, and well, more parties.

Essentials Lounge also hosted Winks Eyelash Boutique and Spa for some eyebrow maintenance. I myself have allegiances elsewhere for my brows, but hope to try out another of Winks’ services.

Overall, it was a great second year for the Essentials Lounge and I look forward to sneaking some Menchies into movies over the last few days of TIFF.


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