DIY Suiting: Indochino

I love having little stories to go along with clothing and accessories that I have purchased. Whether it was found in a vintage shop, a hand-me-down from a grandparent, or an entire summer’s wages saved up, almost everything I own has some sort of story. Thus I was intrigued when I came across Indochino.

The $39 spent on Indochino’s home Tailor’s Kit, which includes material swatches and measuring tape, can be put towards a website purchase.

Indochino, an online company based in Vancouver, B.C., offering home made-to-measure suiting. Yes, DIY (do it yourself) suiting—to a the degree of sending in your favourite swatch, with inseams, neck measurements and pocket detailing. Low and behold, a suit that fits you perfectly and even bears your monogram. Indochino CEO, Kyle Vucko had an interesting (and profitable) approach to custom men’s wear, when he created the e-commerce website in 2007.

The site now offers suits, shirts, blazers, pants, ties, bow ties (I already have a few in my basket), pocket squares, and anything else necessary to keep a man looking smart. Indochino’s Pants Collection is pretty interesting, as customers are able to choose a funky colour (green, yellow, blue, purple, red, or black) for pocket, cuff, and inner seam detailing in addition to the pant material’s colour ($129 US.)

The Preferred Stock Pinstripe Suit ($479 US)

The site will begin offering higher-end suit line Vincero starting September 6th in winter-ready Italian-designed wool-cashmere. The Indochino Vincero suits go from $649 US, and continue to allow Indochino customers to customize a suit to fit both their body and personality.

Beyond the customized suiting, the company engages with customers throughout the entire process. A quick glance at their Twitter profile, @Indochino, showed that they actively engage with their followers and quickly respond to customer inquiries on Twitter as well as Facebook. This is key, as it adds a personal touch to online shopping.

I look forward to placing my first order with Indochino this fall and taking part in the customized Indochino experience.

2 Responses to “DIY Suiting: Indochino”
  1. Interesting, how did you find out about the upcoming Vincero line?

    • pbirnbaum says:

      I did some research. Pretty interesting idea to bring in wool-cashmere from northern Italy for an online made-to-measure site. I’m guessing Indochino will keep developing into various fabric qualities and price points. I’m thinking of ordering a suit from the Vincero ine in September—Charcoal Purple Check sounds right up my alley.

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