A long weekend in New York

This past Victoria Day weekend, I decided to take an extended trip down to New York, NY. The trip had a packed itinerary, and I wish I could have done so much more. A highlight was definitely my visit to the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met Museum.Since the first images were shared by Vogue, I knew that I had to first-hand experience the Savage Beauty exhibit. Pairing up a cousin’s bar mitzvah (he did very well) and seeing friends, I knew it was the perfect chance to visit New York, while getting to experience Alexander McQueen’s work at the Met Museum.

There was something significant about walking up the steps to the Met Museum. I had anticipated my visit to their exhibit for nearly two months, and when it finally happened, it felt very surreal. This was actually my first time at the Met Museum, and I wish I left more time to explore the museum’s other exhibits. Thankfully I only had a 10 minute wait to view the exhibit, but by noon, the wait was over 45 minutes. (My advice: get to the Met before it opens at 9:30 a.m. AND use the 81st Street entrance–it’s closer to the exhibit.)

This wallpaper lined one of the exhibit hallways. It was merely a section of a larger and darker (thematically) mural. I just found that it stood out, as the imagery was both beautiful and dark–to properly represent the exhibit’s title and theme: Savage Beauty.

These shoes were stunning in person. At the base were small flowers, which connected to roots stemming to the bottom of the heel.

A dress from Plato’s Atlantis, showing the amazing graphic jellyfish design in creating these wool and silk dresses.

I felt bad, as I had never visited the Guggenheim prior to this visit. I have fond memories of going to the Peggy Guggenheim in Venice when I was 16, and knew that I had to visit in New York. It was really cool to see so many well known Picasso, Cezanne, Matisse, and Chagall.

My favourite series was Kadinsky at The Bauhaus, an extensive collection of Kadinsky’s paintings. Kadinsky showed a wide use of geometric shapes on each and every canvas.

I visited the Prada SoHo store on Broadway, which was an experience in itself. These fans and their bases are made of Prada’s pebbled Saffiano leather. Cool, right? Having served as the former Guggenheim Downtown, the store is vast in size and like most older buildings in New york, incredible architecture.

The fog from my friend’s apartment was beautiful. I loved this view up 3rd Avenue. The weather was kind of crappy at night, so I didn’t mind staying indoors and watching Bengal Tiger at The Baghdad Zoo, starring Robin Williams. The show touched on the very serious issue of the Iraq War and PTSD, while introducing some humour via Robin Williams (as the tiger.)

I decided to visit The Standard‘s Bier Garden down in the Meatpacking District. It was best put by my friend that: “The Bier Garden at The Standard is the American Apparel version of a classic German tradition.”

I was really happy to stumble upon J.Crew’s UES Men’s Shop. Although there are J.Crews all over Manhattan, this location, which opened last summer, offers special designer collaborations and a wider selection of suits and formal wear than in their other stores. I just loved the way the store was built into its surroundings at 79th and Madison Avenue. Another similar location is the ‘Liquor Store‘ down in Tribeca. I look forward to their arrival this summer, and hope that they may open up a similarly designed boutique in Toronto.


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