Men’s FASHION Event at Hugo Boss

September 2010 marked the first anniversary of FASHION Magazine‘s men’s supplement: Men’s FASHION. The semi-annual glossy featured the writing and art from FASHION Magazine’s writers and editors with the male consumer in mind.

Toronto actor-cum-rapper, Aubrey Drake Graham is featured on the magazine’s newest cover. The use of the very successful Canadian musician was smart as it brought together music, style, and culture for the semi-annual issue.

(Photo: Lil Lozinsky, SVP of St. Josephs Media)

The very success of Men’s FASHION was evident when the Senior Vice-President of St. Joseph’s Media, Lil Lozinsky, proudly announced the continuation of the male issues. Under the editorial expertise of David Livingstone, Men’s FASHION will see two issues in 2011. Perhaps there will be further growth leading into more issues per annum.

(Photo: Jeronimo de Miguel and Alex Filiatrault with FASHION Magazine’s editor-in-chief Bernadette Morra)

The event at Hugo Boss on Bloor Street also featured a Hugo Boss fashion show.

(Photo: Model in Hugo Boss)

In 2009, Nylon Magazine began to circulate its male counterpart, Nylon Guys which shared the latest in fashion trends and culture for the style-conscious male. Having read the two different magazines, I recognize more similarities in the writing, style, and appeal than with other men’s magazines like GQ and Details. I look forward to the two issues Livingstone will deliver in 2011.

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